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.5.0.exe Tags: Wondershare toolkit, 8.5.0,,, Wondershare, downloading, installer, sftp, ssh, ssl, transferThe present invention relates to a data communications system and in particular to a method and apparatus for a self-initiated reservation of resources by multiple independent source nodes in a multi-access communications system. A communications system is generally considered to be one in which a transmitter can communicate information to a receiver via a communications channel. For example, in a wired communication system, the communications channel may comprise a pair of conductors over which signals are communicated using a standard wired communication protocol. Alternatively, in a wireless communication system, the communications channel may comprise the air (or space) above a group of communicating devices. For example, cellular telephone technology may be implemented as a wireless communication system. In general, a communications system must make available certain resources to each sender and each receiver of information. A resource may, for example, comprise a set of time slots, a pair of frequencies, or a set of physical (e.g., power, voltage, etc.) lines. Depending on the type of communication system being employed, a resource may be assigned to a sender and a receiver by a communications controller (e.g., a base station controller (BSC) in a cellular telephone system). For example, a frequency assigned to a particular caller in a conventional cellular telephone system may be used for both transmission and reception by a cellular telephone. In some communication systems, however, the communications resources may be more limited than the number of simultaneous transmissions that are possible. For example, in some communication systems (e.g., satellite based communication systems), the number of available resources may be limited (i.e., a satellite may have a limited number of transponders available). In such a system, each potential sender is often required to first reserve the limited number of transponders for their use. In a multi-access communications system, each source node (i.e., source) of information must reserve resources for both itself and any other source nodes that may desire to communicate with the source node. The limited number of available resources, however, must be equally distributed among the sources. Therefore, a need exists in the art for a method and apparatus for a self-initiated reservation of resources in a multi-access communications system.1.




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WondershareDrFoneToolkitv920crack glewen

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